On this page you can read about why this website exists and why you should try a free usenet account.

Who we are

We want to provide an overview of available free usenet accounts for everyone. Legal downloading should be free of charge. That is why you can sign up for a free usenet account. Our website gives an overview of what free usenet providers and usenet trial accounts are available on the web free of charge.

Safe subscription

Once you sign up we won’t store your information. So no person can see that you signed up with us and no hacker can hack a database with your information. That’s simple. We only need your e-mail for verification purposes.


Our free usenet account is free for a given period! That is nice isn’t it? Don’t forget to stop your account and sign up again for a new free period.

Easy to use

The Usenet software is so easy to use that even your grandparents could use it! So don’t worry if you don’t have any clue how usenet works. The free usenet account and software is very easy to use.

Full documentation

User support offers full documentation on your free usenet account. In the user conditions of the usenet provider you will find more detailed documentation.