On this page you can find frequently asked question about about anything related to a free usenet account. We provide answers to questions regarding the account, registration, downloading and more. This page will be updated regularly to contain

When can I use my free account?

You can start downloading within the next five minutes after you have signed up. Make sure you sign up today, because we only have a limited number of accounts available.

Why didn’t I receive my registration e-mail?

A registration confirmation is sent to the e-mail address you signed up with. Look in your Spam Folder if you do not see the e-mail. Or sign up again using another e-mail address. It could last a few minutes before the confirmation e-mail arrives in your mailbox.

Why do we provide a free usenet account?

We don’t like paying monthly bills for downloading stuff that is freely available. And we would like users to experience the best you can get with a usenet account. For every signup we receive a small commission which are used to pay for the server of this website. So signup today to help yourself and others in the future!

How does signing up exactly work?

There are a few simple steps. (1) fill in your e-mail, (2) fill in your name, username and password, (3) verify your e-mail and account, (4) start downloading, (5) don’t forget to cancel your account after your (14 day) trial period has ended.

Do I have unlimited bandwidth?

You can download with up to 16 connections at a time! It depends on your internet connection what speeds you get. Your free usenet account has a limitation of 300GB, which is more than enough. And you can sign up again afterwards to get another free usenet account.

Is a free usenet account safe?

A free usenet account is 100% safe. Since the start of usenet in 1979, usenet uses encrypted protocols when downloading files. So no person (including government agencies) can see what you are downloading or what you downloaded in the past. Also there is no censorship or logging of IP adresses and other information. This means that when you download with a usenet account, no information about you will be stored on the server.

How much can I download?

Downloading with your account is unlimited. There is basically no limit to the amount of gigabytes you can download with your free usenet account.

Where can I download movies and music?

There are a lot of websites that have lists with links to movies and music (and other content) that you can download. Unfortunately, we cannot provide links to those websites, since it is prohibited to link to illegal content or websites that contain such content.